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Energy Conservation & Environmental  Engineering


Commercial Energy Audits

The purpose of the Comprehensive Commercial Energy Audit is to provide building management with a financially beneficial plan to reduce their energy & maintenance costs by installing high efficiency equipment.

Performance Guarantee:  ECE Engineering Services guarantees that our Comprehensive Energy Audit engineering fees will be less than one year of the projected energy savings, when implemented.

Thus, if ECE Engineering gets you started upgrading your building’s energy efficiency a year earlier, the engineering audit cost is essentially free.


Commercial Energy Audits


Mechanical &
Green building Design

Financial Incentives


Multi Color Capital Building

The comprehensive Energy Audit/ Upgrade service plan typically consists of four main phases:

Screening Assessment

Basic Commercial Energy Audit

Comprehensive Commercial Energy audit

Verification Inspection and report

D.C. Engineering Services strives for Energy Conservation and Environmental progress, by optimizing Mechanical Design, Controls and Energy Efficiency, plus Green Building strategies, thereby creating a more comfortable and economical living environment.

Our objective is to save you money and help our environment.